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Human Resources / Risk Management Services

HR consulting and coaching for companies, agencies, and organizations that are seeking to establish vibrant and successful HR programs and policies.

Fusion Conflict Strategies works directly with leaders and executives to map out a course and design a specific program, that is tailor made for your individual needs.

We are able to work both in-person and virtually to assist in setting up and helping to maintain vibrant HR organizations.

We provide specific individual and departmental support and are experts in focused and timely trainings such as sexual harassment, sensitivity training, harassment prevention, de-escalation training, and culture change development.

Conflict Resolution Services

Conflict coaching and consulting, with in-person and virtual options available. This includes up to a 6-week commitment with weekly coaching sessions. Additional coaching available to teach executives and teams how to resolve and deescalate disputes in order to limit outside legal services and related expenses.

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Mediation Services

Fusion Conflict Strategies offers both in-person and virtual mediations for companies and organizations seeking to resolve employee conflict equitably and without onerous attorney’s fees.

We assist in resolving employee related disputes in a timely, equitable, and affordable manner.

Ombuds Training & Implementation

Fusion Conflict Strategies works with companies to:

Train, implement, and establish a full-time, sustainable Ombuds department to maintain long-term neutrality and create an environment that promotes fair and equitable resolution to all internal disputes and conflicts

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Our Specialties

We help empower executive teams to build and maintain internal strategies and programs to manage disputes, minimize risk, and bolster HR departments and services. 

Other Services

Fusion Conflict Strategies also works directly with organizations and teams to address specific challenges they’re struggling with. We work collaboratively to provide situational coaching and consulting that best fits an organization’s specific needs.

Through our extensive network of HR resources’, we are able to design solutions and strategies that address targeted challenges that teams and companies face. We work relentlessly until these issues are resolved.

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